Performance Homework

Fall 1

  • Material:
    Roof, chair
  • Preparation:
    Climb up the roof and sit on a chair.
  • Task:
    Slowly fall forwards and fall off the roof.
  • Extra:
    If possible, let your shoe fly off as you drop.
  • Tip:
    Do not risk your life for art.
    (If you really want to perform this work, hide a safety mattress behind the bush.)
  • Note:
    This is one of five "falling" films by Bas Jan Ader, shot in his Los Angeles home in 1970. The narrative is almost like scenes from the slapstick world of Keaton or Chaplin, yet Ader's films are more charged with melancholy. Although most of his works record fragments of dramatic gesture, the reason and motivation for his emotional actions stays unknown.

Idea adjusted from the work by
Bas Jan Ader